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B1 SALTS - Revolutionary performance enhancement for athletes

In the highly competitive field of professional sports, athletes are constantly looking for safe and effective ways to improve their performance. A proven but often underestimated aid are smelling salts. These have a long history of giving athletes an instant boost. But the “B1 SALTS” are not just another smelling salt. Thanks to a revolutionary formulation, they set new standards in terms of efficiency and longevity.


While conventional smelling salts often lose their effectiveness after a short time, our "B1 SALTS" last on average 7 times longer without losing their potency. What this means for you as an athlete is that you can rely on consistent and reliable performance improvement whenever you need it.

What do the professionals say?

Members of our "B1 ATHLETE" team, including renowned players such as Marcel Brandt, Christoph Bertschy, Florian Elias, Lois Spitzner and Niklas Hübner, are living examples of the superior performance of the "B1 SALTS". These athletes at the top of their sport rely on our product to maximize their performance. They report how the "B1 SALTS" not only provide an immediate boost of energy, but also sharpen their ability to concentrate and shorten reaction times. In the intense world of ice hockey, where every millisecond can make the difference between victory and defeat, the "B1 SALTS" have proven to be an indispensable tool for securing the decisive advantage on the ice.

The science behind B1 SALTS

The effectiveness of smelling salts relies on the release of ammonia gas, which, when inhaled, causes a reflexive reaction from the body. This response leads to an increase in oxygen and blood flow to the brain, which in turn increases alertness and performance. However, the “B1 SALTS” go one step further. Our innovative formulation enables a controlled release of ammonia gas, ensuring longer and more consistent stimulation without the abrupt overstimulation that is common with conventional products.

Application tips for maximum performance

For optimal results, we recommend using "B1 SALTS" just before physical activity or in moments when you need an extra boost. Simply hold the SALT briefly under your nose and breathe in gently. The effect is immediate and prepares you for the challenges of your training or competition.

Conclusion: Why B1 SALTS is the best choice

The "B1 SALTS" offer a unique combination of durability, efficiency and safety that sets them apart from traditional smelling salts. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, our product is designed to maximize your performance and give you the edge in your sport.

Ready for the next level?

If you're ready to take your performance to the next level, visit our shop and see for yourself why the "B1 SALTS" are the first choice among ice hockey professionals and athletes worldwide. Discover the difference that real quality and innovation can make.

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